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vb6 How to Pass ARRAY of CONTROLS to a Sub or Function

This page is going to show you a very simple and easy way to be able to pass an array of controls to a function or subroutine.

To use:

lets say you have an array

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vb6 Listbox – Sub to Add Lots/Multiple Items to Listbox Control

Here is a simple sub routine that makes it easier and neater if you have a lot of items to add to a listbox control in vb6.

Easy Way to Add Spaces to the Beginning of Each Line of Multi-line Text/String

This page is going to show you the easiest way to take a string that spans multiple lines, and add spaces to each line.

For example, lets say you have the following lines of text:


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Textbox Allow Numbers Only [Simplest] Only Allow Numbers and Backspace to be Typed into Textbox

This page is going to show you how to make it so a user can only type numbers (and backspace) into a textbox.