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VB6 Close Any Window with SendMessage

This function/sub closes any window you can get the handle/hwnd to.

In a module:

VB6 Copy Listbox to Another Listbox – copy or move all list items of one list box to another list box

The most common known way to move all the items of one listbox to another is through the use of a loop like so:

That method is fine and there is nothing wrong

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VB6 URL Decoding – Decoding Special Characters in URL/Web Address from Other Languages -.NET

This page is going to show you how to take a url, in html code, and take cryptic looking characters that you would find in other languages and turn them into the characters they are

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vb6 How to Pass ARRAY of CONTROLS to a Sub or Function

This page is going to show you a very simple and easy way to be able to pass an array of controls to a function or subroutine.

To use:

lets say you have an array

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See if END of URL is a DOMAIN EXTENTION, .com, .net etc

This routine examines a url to see if it ends with a domain extension such as .com, .net etc.

At top of module …

Then …


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