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Extract ROOT URL from URL String

The following is the easiest way to take a url string ie …


and pull the following string …


At the top of a module put …

The code

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True Trim Function Trims BOTH Spaces and Tabs from String

This is a trim function that removes spaces AND optionally tabs from the left and/or right side of a string.

Word Count Function

Here is a simple function that will provide the total word count of a string of text.

Check Position within String is not within HTML Tags < >

Remove Double Spaces from String

This function will remove all occurrences of double spaces from a string, i.e. ” ” to ” ”

Function make sure String Ends with certain Characters

Instr Multi – Perform Instr that checks for multiple Inst Conditions in one function

This function checks a string for multiple conditions to be met.

This is essentially the same as performing multiple instr() functions on a string.